Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Egg Shell Planter

I wanted to try a new experiment making planter for seedlings using egg shells.

First I saved my breakfast eggs and only cut off the very top of egg.
Once I had 12 I made 2 small holes in the bottom of each washed and dry egg shell.
then I filed each one with a good potting soil mix and placed back in a egg carton tray.

I added the seeds, In this case Coriander / Cilantro and lightly watered.
I placed the carton with eggshells in a tray and filled with water so it could self wick and keep moist.

Watch my video to see the process.

Search eBay for Coriander / Cilantro seeds

The Coriander / Cilantro in egg carton now ready to plant

Ready to be planted in my balcony garden

Crush the shell before planting

The egg shell seedling planted in garden