Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Food and Water Preps

Thanks to Dan over at The Daily Prep

a question he raised about food and water storage, reminded me that I had an unfinished video of my food preps to publish, so I have put it together and here it is!!!

Living in an apartment doesn't mean you don't have room to store food and water! by being creative there is always some where to place a few items.

In my case it was under my bed!

Why store food?

Well the most important thing we all need is Shelter/Water/and Food, and something most people take for granted that they can always just pop down the store and get what they need.
I must admit a lot of people think you have lost the plot when you mention you have 6 months to a year of food, but I always say is it crazy that you insure your car against an accident?

You can live without a car, you cant live without food or water....
So take some insurance out for your self and family by having some basic food storage.

Look at Greece right now with all the financial problems, one of the major problems people are suffering is food and medicine shortages. And not just because people haven't the money, there is also a supply deficit.

Reasons to Have food storage?
Financial Crisis
Loss of Job
Natural disaster Storm/Earthquake/Flood
Pandemic and self isolation
Crop failure
Petrol/Gas shortage cut supply to stores
As an Investment.

Any number of reasons could cut off the food supply and you dont want to be standing in long lines waiting for handouts when a few changes now can not only protect you but save you money.

How to Start Food Storage?

"Eat what you store, Store what you eat"
That is the golden rule start off by buying extra cans and packets of what you already use.

Start by listing everything you purchase for your regular meals and expand from that.

Once you get started look for your items on sale, I normally purchase a single item every 1/2 months when its discounted, sometimes as much as 50% off, then I buy 2/3 months worth at a time and use them weekly as I need them.

That's your financial investment and gain right there, nothing wrong in making a 40/50% return on what you are going to spend anyway!

Where to Store Food?
I use under my bed as storage and surprising if you organize it well there is enough space for a years food for 2 people, and I always put purchased food in from one side of bed and take out from the other side giving me somewhat of a rotation system.

I tend to move the line along on laundry days and flip up the mattress to make it easier, but this could also be made easier with a simple wood frame to roll cans along, but i find its not a problem.

I also use a sharpie to put month and year on each item when i purchase!

Under the bed!

Water Storage?
Its also a good idea to have some water stored in case of loss of water supply.

again this can be caused by many unforeseen circumstances. On average you will need about 2 liters per person per day for cooking drinking ect.
I keep 2 liter Juice bottles filled with water in my bathroom and have managed to store about 6 weeks supply, covered with towels behind a laundry basket.

Another item we keep is empty wine casket bags, after enjoying the contents we wash them out and store them flat. each one holds 2 LTs and we must have a 100 of them in a closet, we could easily feel them in a few hours if needed in emergency, there's also a plastic sheet to line the bath tub, to create another source of water storage.

2 Liter juice bottles

Wine bags used as back up water storage, also ideal to keep in bug out bags / camping bags

Storage Dates?
This is one of the areas most people don't get!

The food suppliers don't want you to keep food they want you to buy more!

don't fall in to this trap, a "Best before date" is only a guide to when the flavor may start deteriorating this is not an expiry date! Most cans are perfectly fine for 4/5 years.

Now a "use by date" is an actual guide to when the food must be consumed, this is normally on perishable fresher items like meats/ Dairy ect and shouldn't be kept beyond that date.

As long as an item is stored in a cool dry place and has no damage to the packaging or can, then it is normally safe to eat. This is only a guide and (DISCLAIMER) always check with the manufacturer on storage dates.

Find Food Storage items in your area

Sterilite 19608006 41-Quart Underbed Box, White Lid with See-Through Base, 6-Pack

Well I hope that inspires everybody to think about having some sort of food and water backup, and again thanks to Dan for bringing up such an important topic.