JAN 2012
Ikea Sunnan Solar Lamp Hack
I purchased The solar powered Lamp from Ikea called "Sunnan" it was only $20 which I think for the quailuty of the product is good value.

The best thing is the potenial to hack this to power other small appliances and devices, so I have made a video of taking it apart.

I also found a similar Solar Powered lamp on EBAY for $9.96 free shipping from Hong Kong

Ikea Sunnan Solar Lamp

Solar Cell and Power pack pops out

4 x screws to remove cover

3 x AA 1200 mAh  1.2v battries
small circuit with Diode and fuse

base comes apart with removal of 4 screws

SEPT 2011
Solar Charger / Solar Lamp
So I found these small garden Solar lamps in my local store for $2.
I immediately grabbed a few to play with, and was very surprised and happy to see a rechargeable AAA battery inside. I cant even get rechargeable batteries at that price so for $2 battery and a solar charger is awesome.
I will add them to my BOB bug out bag for recharging my small FM radio or my small torch.
I then started thinking what else I can do with them so I tried to turn my Lounge lamp into a solar lamp from ambient room light.
It has worked well they do charge but the 9 LEDs but are not bright enough for a reading lamp but do make a nice night lamp with soft glow.
I also am going to use the steak part of the garden solar lamp as ammo for a catapult (which are illegal in Australia) so I only have the elastic not the handle.
I looked on ebay and they are available from several sources, Click for  Solar Lamps on ebay

My Lounge Solar Lamp

9 LED solar lights

Inside a rechargeable AAA battery 

The solar garden Lamp

Top pulls off

Staeak pops back in to make a nice spear

Solar Steak, Solar Lamp, and light cover, and 1 opened by removing 2x small screws

AUG 2010
Slowly working away on my solar can heater, just got to add a solar powered electric fan and exhaust pipe .
will put together a video once its complete and working.
all the cans mounted and ready to paint

A nice black Matt paint finish

JUL 2010
This project I was originally going to start a while back, so I finally got it under way. I have seen these made with huge boxes placed outside homes, but i want mine in an apartment so I decided to mount it on one of the window panels in my conservatory.
by building it inside i dont have to supply the glass and can custom size it to the area i have.

Collect a whole bunch of soda cans and give them a good rinse out!
I have seen most people like to drill these cans with a big opening on top and small holes on bottom! why complicate it when a simple Tin opener can do the trick?
Tilt at angle and slice off top.
This actually gives a very smooth Finnish
Pull off ring tab from top
why drill holes? just use some tin snips or a very strong pair of scissors
cut from pull tab hole in a circular fan shape
finished cut will be fan shape across, this helps slow heat and cause a rotation as it transfers threw soda can
Use a clear silicon to seal the soda cans around neck collar
use something to keep cans aligned in a straight line while they set
I have got a window section that can fit 10 x rows of 6 cans.

This is as far as I got will post more as i continue


  1. I'm glad I stumbled across your blog.. Not quite sure how I got here but you've got some very neat ideas! The idea of a water-bottle hydroponic hanging garden never occurred to me, but it looks like something that would be fantastic to try out.

    Thanks for sharing your passion and creativity. :)

    All the best;

  2. i geus painting a waterhose blak is simpler
    but i see no problem whit cost here
    in fact this is even cheaper

    but in winter youll need or place it inside
    or buy the glas

    mabey you can try layer of plastic foil ill bet for 8 millimeters between the layers numbers of layers (no idea)

    i hope someone could post temperatures
    i have had a case of skinburn from someone who was foulish enough not to ad cold water that summer and to abandon the concept

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  5. hased The solar powered Lamp from Ikea called "Sunnan" it was only $20 which I ...