Sunday, April 9, 2017

Homestead Launch

 Homestead Launch
Your homestead is your self-sufficient home base.
In the past, many people have thought of a homestead as thousands of acres and a red barn out in rural country, but the truth is, the modern homestead takes many shapes.
  • You could be living in a tiny urban flat with solar panels and a balcony garden.
  • You could be in the suburbs with a few fruit trees and some backyard chickens.
  • Or, you might be out in the bush, 100 miles from everyone, with large livestock and trout ponds.
The key element between all these situations and more however, is that in every case, a “homestead” is using whatever real estate you have, to do productive things.
Your homestead can be anywhere, and fit any living situation.
If you are interested in establishing your homestead, check out my friend Dan’s new website.  Dan is a real estate agent in Utah, and specializes in buying and selling homesteads, cabins, and land.  His new website, Homestead Launch, was created to help you get your homestead going.
In particular, the website has a free assessment to help you start your homestead plan. It takes 3 minutes, and then gives you some great suggestions at the end, custom tailored to your situation.
If you are looking for homestead land, he can also connect you with real estate agents in your area that specifically focus on self-sufficient homesteads. Pretty cool!
In short, no matter what your approach is, where you are located, or what your life situation is, think about how you can use your real estate to be more self-sufficient today than you were yesterday.