Thursday, March 10, 2011


I finally got My Chooks ( Chickens)
2 Silkie hens, I went for this type as they are more domesticated and because of their silkie feathers they are unable to fly.
I used a plastic fence mesh to cover any gaps on the balcony, then i let them loose.

First off they mad a mess every where and on a tiled floor it was hard to keep clean from chicken poop, and no matter how many times i placed a bowl inside a tray with food they would chuck it every where, so I decided that I would need to make a cage.

This was better but still very messy.
then after a little gardening and changing some pots over i thought of a great idea!

i used the end section of my balcony and placed a small wood coop about 2 meters from end and closed it all in, I also placed my worm bin on top to make it higher.

Then i just tipped soil all over the deck in the pen area. now when i feed them they make as much mess ass they want, and poop back into the soil so they have created a perfect compost pile with them doing all the work.

Now I will rotate the soil into my planters as i replant autumn and spring and place old soil back in pen, perfect.
I did leave some of the veggies in the pen area of which they destroyed the rhubarb leaves and my spring onions striped to soil, but dont ever touch Tomato, Basil , Rosemary or gooseberry plants.

all in all i am happy with the outcome and there is no smell and very little noise just the odd cluck

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