Thursday, March 17, 2011


I purchased a Dehydrator, have wanted one for ages, as after reading up i think its a more preferred way to store dried food.
I was most interested in drying corn, carrots and strawberries which I loaded up on my 5 trays.
It went all night a total of 12 hours and its amazing how small it looks after its dried, the best of it is that all the nutrients are still there .
After drying some stuff I couldn't wait to try it, The Strawberries are like leathery to taste but flavor is awesome.
next a bowl of soup dropped the peas and carrots back into it and after about 3 mins you have perfectly good tasting veg,
Will be adding to my stored items with this new found skill, its a must have, smaller more compact packets and no additives.
Oh I forgot to mention I also got a vaccume sealer and bags to pack and store the things i dry.
Great resource for Dehydrating
and of course I got the Dehydrator and the vaccume sealer from my favorite place
2 Trays of Strawberries 

Carrots, Corn and strawberries 

My 5 Tray Dehydrator

Vaccume sealed Strawberries

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  1. I just took the plunge and ordered a dehydrator myself(been considering it for a while), but no vacuum sealer.
    Do you really need to store the dried goods in those bags?
    What about plastic containers that you can pump out the air from?
    They're also reuseable.
    Or why not just airtight boxes?
    (I'll start with drying slices of apples and bananas, for snacking and 'hiking food' as espacially bananas 'travel badly' in my backpack. Which I pick first depends on what's on sale. Later I'll probaly try some of my own home-produce, like bell-peppers from my WindowFarm)