Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ethanol Heater

Ethanol Fire Heater. Living in an apartment restricts to a degree what types of heaters you can have, obviously there is the usual electric heaters but these are costly and reliant on the power being on. Most apartments come with reverse cycle heating, in our place the heater warms the bedrooms but is very inefficient in the lounge. 

Why we choose Ethanol? we wanted to add a heat source that was self reliant in the fact it didn't need power, and we found the Ethanol Fire at a home show. The great thing about this heat source is that it gives out no fumes! there is no need for chimney or other type of ventilation its 100% safe, of course it looks really nice too and gives that homely cozy feel to any place. they come in several sizes depending on room size, we went for the smallest as it docent really get cold here for that long. another benefit is Ethanol fuel is makable on farms so if other fuels were not available , im sure ethanol would be or a bottle of Alcohol.

Cost ? although the unit is relatively inexpensive, the fuel is about $4.50 per Ltr, we have found on average 1Ltr burns for about 5 1/2 hours.

Where to purchase from ? I got mine from eBay and found it in the city was able to collect it, but many fireplace stores or Eco stores are now carrying these fires.

Click here to search eBay for Ethanol fire !

Most of these types are mounted on a wall, it was pretty easy just 4 holes drilled and bolts were supplied.
the black surround is heat profed and treated for a safe surround and has side panels that reduce draft affecting the flame
The stainless stele box on this model (350) contains 1 Ltr of fuel
To pour fuel you slide the key hole cover place in funnel and pour the liter into box. careful not to spill any as this can and will catch alight.
close keyhole cover and slide the whole lid backwards to reveal firebox
using a lighter stick / gas oven lighter just ignite fuel. ( I have noticed when box is half full it is a lot harder to light and takes 4/5 attempts, as it keeps going out.)
Ethanol Fuel is also known as Methylated spirits
The fire takes about 5 minutes to get really burning well and then gives out some good heat.
I did some test and the temp at other side of room was 5c colder than area near fire, you can definably feel the heat.
To extinguish the fire use the 2 rods and lift cover up from back
Slide the cover over box and this puts out the fire. (don not attempt to refuel once it has been lit! it takes about 20 mins for it to be back at room temperature and can then be refueled)



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