Thursday, July 15, 2010

Solar Can Heater

This project I was originally going to start a while back, so I finally got it under way. I have seen these made with huge boxes placed outside homes, but i want mine in an apartment so I decided to mount it on one of the window panels in my conservatory.
by building it inside i dont have to supply the glass and can custom size it to the area i have.

Collect a whole bunch of soda cans and give them a good rinse out!
I have seen most people like to drill these cans with a big opening on top and small holes on bottom! why complicate it when a simple Tin opener can do the trick?
Tilt at angle and slice off top.
This actually gives a very smooth Finnish
Pull off ring tab from top
why drill holes? just use some tin snips or a very strong pair of scissors
cut from pull tab hole in a circular fan shape
finished cut will be fan shape across, this helps slow heat and cause a rotation as it transfers threw soda can
Use a clear silicon to seal the soda cans around neck collar
use something to keep cans aligned in a straight line while they set
I have got a window section that can fit 10 x rows of 6 cans.

This is as far as I got will post more as i continue

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