Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Water Storage

Water Storage is probably the most important item in your survival preps!
without food we could survive up to 3 weeks, without water we can only survive 3 days!

Why would we need to store water ?
well a natural disaster could break water pipes, or a contamination at water source, or even a pandemic where we were told to stay indoors and self quarantine.
In any of these events the stores would be crazy and empty supplies in hours, plus the last place you want to be is putting yourself in danger around desperate people.
thats why you need to keep an emergency supply of water.

How much do we need ?
The recommended amount is 8 glasses of water each per day, also we do get a considerable amount of fluids from food and other drinks, this all counts.
So on average it is recommended that you will need 1/2 Gallon or 2 ltrs each per person per day!
Minimum 3 Days for 4 People - 6 Gals or 24 ltrs (10 fruit juice bottles)
 Recommended 7 Days for 4 people - 14 Gals or 56 ltrs (24 fruit juice bottles)
 Very Good 30 Days for 4 people - 60 Gals or 240 ltrs (100 fruit juice bottles)

How long can we store it for ?
I always say if in doubt boil it! but i change my water about once a year, I use it in my water barrel for the plants and just refill, I do not use any stabilization, although  a droplet of clear unscented bleach in a 2ltr container is safe for consumption and will stop algae or bacteria growing, if you wanted to store it for longer.
Ideas for water storage in an apartment. keep water in a cool dark environment like bathroom, a cupboard, under the bed.
2.4Ltr fruit juice bottle makes ideal storage, very strong and easy to stack good seal on lid.
Milk container, is a good starting point but not very strong tends to leak and breaks easy.
These are much stronger and good seal on lid but not much storage capacity difficult to stack,
Wine bags from either box wine or in this case as you see it! very strong, dispenser valve for when pouring, very stackable, and great as spares, washed and stored flat dont take up much room and can be filled quickly. also in case where you had to leave your home in an evacuation these could be taken along with you and filled at destination or along route. keep 4/5 in a BOB ( Bug Out Bag)

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