Sunday, January 8, 2012

Aquaponics disaster and update

After starting the Aquaponics in Sept 2011 the plants grew fantastic before a really bad Aphid attack took over.
I tried everything including a non chemical method of Garlic (boiled) mixed with a little Olive oil and spayed all the plants.
The results were disastrous killing most of the plants and most of my fish. So mid Dec I gave it another overhaul and clean out and replanted again and added some new fish stock.
Fingers crossed....

The system as of Jan 2012 doing well

Newly added fish stock
Replanted System in Dec 2011

Dec 2011 just before it all collapsed 

System planted Sept 2011

Cool Time Capture video


  1. I've had the same problem with a supposedly safe bug spray killing my plants. It was ok as long as I didn't spray the leaves, but I didn't know that last year. I've got these tiny flies or gnats or something everywhere (I keep my dwarf citrus and avocado indoors from September to May), and I'm dreading how they're going to multiply when I start this year's seedlings.

  2. thank you for your job man! very interesting!

  3. Hey Dean sorry to hear your plants died off, its rather disappointing when that happens. I've had similar problems with aphids before, although not on an aquaponics system, just a regular potted balcony garden. I also tried the garlic and olive oil 'natural insecticide' but with chilli as well since I grow them. Didn't work at all, it did horrible things to the plants I sprayed and the aphids seemed to like it. Also it stank something terrible. Ended up resorting to white oil spray and it did the trick immediately. All aphids were gone over night and haven't been back.

    1. what is white oil spray by the way? what is it made of?

  4. Thanks for the feedback, glad im not the only one who has made this mistake :-)

  5. Just curious if a few lady bugs could have helped? I also found some folks who are growing crops indoors are turning to them, too.

    Hope that helps. I am enjoying going through your blog and sharing in the adventure THANKS!