Monday, January 9, 2012

Ikea Sunnan Solar Lamp Hack

Ikea Sunnan Solar Lamp Hack
I purchased The solar powered Lamp from Ikea called "Sunnan" it was only $20 which I think for the quailuty of the product is good value.

The best thing is the potenial to hack this to power other small appliances and devices, so I have made a video of taking it apart.

I also found a similar Solar Powered lamp on EBAY for $9.96 free shipping from Hong Kong

Ikea Sunnan Solar Lamp

Solar Cell and Power pack pops out

4 x screws to remove cover

3 x AA 1200 mAh  1.2v battries
small circuit with Diode and fuse

base comes apart with removal of 4 screws


  1. i'm going to try this. Hope they still have this model at Ikea

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