Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Balcony Garden Update

Well the Garden on the Balcony was doing really good, but we have had a poor summer so far weather wise, and some bad storms.
Last week after a very strong winds tore threw the city it played havoc with my Tomatoes, although they have survived they are all now lying flat in a blanket mesh across the balcony.
One part of me wants to hack it down to small bushes but the other part says just leave it till its finished with all the fruit, as it is producing lots of cherry tomatoes.

One of the reasons I grew cherry Toms was because of the smaller size they grow, but even at about a meter high, they still got beaten by the winds, something that is hard to avoid when your so high up!

anyway heres some pics and video on the journey so far.

Freshly planted

halfway there

Looking good

After the wind

Lots of Tomatoes and Basil


  1. What a shame with your nice tomatoes. I saw a nifty system of staking container tomatoes recently with 3 or 4 stakes in a pot, then with string tied round the stakes creating circular support at intervals of about 10" up the stake length. Perhaps you've seen it, too.

    But great blog! Thank you! I love your idea of the hanging bottle garden, where bottles are suspended one over the other. I am looking for the directions to this project? I'm in Tampa, FL, and think I could grow some lettuces on my screened patio this way (in my garden, I find the bugs usually eat more than I do).

    Love so many of your ideas! Go Ron Paul 2012!

  2. Whoops, now I see the hanging bottle garden post. Thanks!

  3. i have a garden,on which i work hard and love it,but what you do is totally amazing.Nice to know that there are people with so much vision and patience living in this world.
    Rock on!

  4. Amazing Balcony Garden

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  6. Good to see!! I'm in Melbourne have been working on mine.